Mercy Of The Fallen

I’ve been sick for the past couple of days. Not VERY sick, but sick enough to sleep right through the whole weekend. And I’m still tired. But then, I’m always tired, my cold probably just made it worse.

I am really glad I did finally upload my new chapter. I got such lovely feedback, and I am just so grateful for my readers. The fic deals with a subject that isn’t mainstream, and it’s amazing how many people seem to like it.

I’m just going back to sleep now. Next week(end) will be busy, and also nice, and I want to feel better quickly.

Oh yes, being ill hasn’t stopped me from eating all.the.junk this weekend. Must do better tomorrow.

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I Was Drawn, I Was Drawn To The Ocean

It’s time to go to sleep, BUT I have finally uploaded the new chapter of my current main fic. Go me!

Tonight has been nice. Facetimed with my woman while making and eating dinner, and then some more, then put the finishing touches on the chapter, and posted it, and now I’m all tired and my head is empty and also full. Yeah, that makes sense, haha.

Anyway. I wanted to finish watching the episode of The Fall I started sometime yesterday, but I’ll just do that tomorrow. Sleeeeep is calling.


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What Do You Hear In These Sounds?

I did a lot of cleaning today. Since I live in a very old house, you probably can’t tell, but I know that I did it. With bleach and everything. It felt good, and it gave me a headache.

Sometime this or next week, I’m getting rid of quite a few pieces of old furniture I don’t want anymore, that will help immensely with my wellbeing. That probably sounds stupid, but I like having only things I really like, and really use. It’s all stacked up in the guestroom at the moment. I can’t wait to get rid of it.

I dreamt about Lana last night. Something about a group of us fleeing from a bear, a little bear, honestly, and a cute one, but still a bear. So we were fleeing from it, and we all ran into my house. I was doing something, and when I went into my livingroom, Lana was sitting in front of one of my shelfs, looking at my books. Then she said “you know, I saw your piercing, it looked good!” Apparently, I had a belly button piercing in my dream. Right. I was horrified, because she somehow saw my fat gut, and she kept saying that it looked good. So strange.

Eating went very well today. I also made a meal plan, and went shopping. So I have everything at home, ready to be cooked.

This is all really boring, but I wanted to write something.

I’m actually supposed to post a new chapter of my fic, and I’ve had it ready to go for close to two weeks, but I can’t get myself to post it for some reason. It’s very, very smutty, maybe that’s why. But I’ll get it done. Tomorrow.

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Better Things

I want to make this blog a goal for 2017. I don’t want to commit to blogging every single day, but I want to post often. I’ve never really had a theme for any of my blogs, so that’s why I’m giving myself one this time. Or more than one. A certain direction, I guess.

It all has to do with my other goals for the year.

  • I want to become healthier, physically, mentally, and emotionally. I’m trying to achieve this by eating good food (which is hard for me sometimes, more about that at a later point), and get some exercise. I’m not going on a diet. I’m not joining a gym. I just want to… feel better, generally. Walk my dog more. (He does get walked a lot, just not by me, I have to admit.) Cook from scratch. Eat consciously. Drink more water. Take care of my nails. Use body lotion. Have more visitors, go out more. Keep up with my friendships. Journal. Work hard in therapy.
  • I want to document my progress around the house. I’m always rearranging and redecorating, but I’m very bad with cleaning and with upkeep. So that’s another one of my goals. Being tidy is good, but being tidy AND clean is better. Did I mention that I HATE cleaning, but LOVE tidying, decorating, and sorting? So yeah. My main goal is to get my guestroom/arts and crafts room nice enough so that I’ll actually want to work in there. And also, nice enough for guests to sleep in. Obviously.
  • My last goal ties into the second one, in a tiny way. I want to do more painting. I want to do more writing. I just want to be more creative, more expressive. Be more extroverted with who I am. Show people who are interested what I’m doing. Show people what my interests are, and if only on this blog. Because let’s be honest, I will not often talk to real life people about photographs of dead people, or writing smutty fanfics, or my interest in tying people up.

So happy 2017, let’s make it a good one!

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